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MompreneursIndia is a community for like-minded women, running businesses that are in alignment with their values of faith and family and who want to support other women. Here is the platform to network, share knowledge, contacts and benefit from strategic partnerships. Most of our members are women entrepreneurs who have gained the requisite experience in a corporate environment and feel the need to establish their own small or medium enterprise.
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Together we can provide inspiration, achieve ambitions and find the balance between family and business

Chetana Misra

Founder & Visionary

Chetana Misra started MompreneursIndia with the objective of creating a structured networking platform for mothers in business. MompreneursIndia now functions as a enabler for mothers who want to start a new business and an affordable launch pad for new mompreneur businesses.


Vandana Joshil

Editor In Chief

Member-Management Advisory Committee (MAC)

Honey Chawla

Founder, HoneyPlusDesign Studio

Manisha Mehta

Founder, Oriflame Consultant

Chapter Leaders

Sheetal Majithia

Ambassador, Ahmedabad