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bella nilesh shah

I am Bella Nilesh Shah, a mother of two beautiful children and an Entrepreneur from ever since I can remember. With a BA in Economics and a Post Graduate in Mass Communication I have dabbled in many fields. From working as a Producer in a Media Company to managing the Adidas store and then moving on to Catering; I have seen the ins and outs of every business. Somewhere along the way my love for cooking up a storm in the Kitchen took centre stage and I was thrown into the wonderful world of Culinary Arts. I started off with catering for my close family friend’s office, but soon realised that I was best at making sweets.
A Diwali order followed and ever since there has been no looking back. Indian Sweetmeats, Chocolates, Fudges and Experimental sweets are my USP and I gloat with pride everytime someone takes a bite from one of my products and simply swoons at its deliciousness. Realising the potential of my skills, I set up BelleZoe with a vision to provide exclusive chocolates to the people of Ahmedabad. My sweets and confectioneries are all made with lots of love, using the latest technology available in the field with the freshest of produce and ingredients. Every season I try to bring out new and innovative sweets. To achieve this I try and keep abreast with the latest in the field from India and across the world. Innovation is the key to success.