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Deepshikha Mehra

Deepshikha Mehra- I am a Momprenuer !
A mom since 19 years and an entrepreneur since 10. A Gold Medalist in my undergrad BSC [Clothing & textiles] , My 1st job was at a small denim company where I was handling designing , quality control & marketing. During this stint, I organized sales for all the dead stock  - by way of  live Catwalks in Baroda -  22 years ago ! At the time this was almost unheard of.
A wife since 21 years, married to a Marine engineer with a lot of travel  that helped me widen my horizons &  think like a global citizen. During my sailing with Sanjeev, besides learning about world fashion & trends,  I also studied people. People that live on the ship with the same 35 faces for  months nonstop. I got to observe  & experience- How extreme politeness & courteousness turns to borderline temperamental hostility . . . but never like the Big Boss house !!!

I did my schooling till the 10th class in Mumbai then moved to Baroda for 11th & 12th  & college. Married and came back to Mumbai then travelled the world with a Mariner Husband , had 2 beautiful kids 19 & 17 year olds now.

I started a shipping company 10 years back with Sanjeev-   Kenmark Tech solutions  that provides all technical solutions for the shipping, power plant and industrial companies. I handled all departments like Sales , Purchase , Operations , Logistics , Forex , HR , Admin etc with no formal education for the same !

Then started SHX, my Design company when I felt my creative soul was not getting enough satiation in this Marine field though it still pays all my bills!! Here we customize clothes to satisfy all your clothing greed. We are personally styling lot of elite clientele. 

I joined Brain Secrets last year in September as I fell in love with the science of deciphering peoples inborn talents & personalities.

So yes, I have my hands full with 6 kids- 1 husband, 2 children and 3 companies. What is this 'afternoon siesta' you speak of?

Life couldn't be better.