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Dr Riddhi Shukla

Dr. Riddhi Ketan Shukla (MD, DGO, P.G.D) is an eminent Gynecologist and obstetrician based in Ahmedabad. Having been in the field since past 20 years, she is the first trained and qualified surgeon in gujarat from the ECAMS- European collage of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. Currently, she is the director of Aaryogyam Specialty Hospital.
With over 20 years of expertise in medicine, Dr. Riddhi excels in cosmetic gynecology. As a cosmetic surgeon for female genital, she understands the emerging trends in the society and also knows how it can have a physiological and functional effect on them. So to help women stay young and beautiful, Dr. Riddhi does her best to help women age gracefully.
Being a meticulous surgeon and an excellent administrator, she believes learning is a never ending process and with this mindset she has done her Post graduate diploma in healthcare management in 2011 from ICRI. She is the director to GKSF Urocare, India’s Pioneer Mobile Lithotripsy and Mobile Urodynamic unit which has been providing medical aid to patients on wheels. She is always updated and provides information regarding advantages and risks associated with. With Mobile Urodynamic unit, she has been dealing with problems of Urinary Incontinence (Urinary leakage) in women. This process also includes generating awareness, diagnosis and treatment of various urinary problems. She has a great track record in high risk pregnancies and has been one of the successful doctors in her area.
Dr. Riddhi is a visionary Entrepreneur, having the motto of “Nurturing Womanhood”. With her altruistic nature she is associated with many social well-fare activities and is a co-founder of Naari, a forum for nurturing women’s health. She is the chief consultant of SSETU, a Student Support Engagement and Tutelage Unit of Ahmadabad University where she counsels students one to one over and above various seminars that she takes on health care management. She is also the founder of HEALTH CAFÉ, a place where health and happiness of society is addressed. She is working relentlessly in generating awareness about women’s health issues and happiness. She is also marketing and medical advisor on board for MNC to spread health awareness in India.