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Jigisha Niren Shah

Hi.I m jigisha shah and i own juvenile jewellery where i showcase my products.At juvenile we understand that we need jewellery nt only for occassions but also to enhance our moods.
It all started last year whn i was discussing with my dad about business.and it suddenly struck me to carry foward my own jewellery business online.thus juvenile happened with a small page on fb.and later in a website.
Being a mother of 2.routine is alwys hectic.i got very less time for my business but for my passion of work i was even more eager to bring it online.
Juvenile designs and also brings instore designs that suit its ideal clients who are not only enterpreneurs but also house goddesses.
Juvenile showcases products not only for busines parties but also for a kitty or a get to gethereven a small date or a casual trip to grocery store.
Juvenile is one stop for all.