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Your chapter ambassador organizes a meetup every month so that you can network with other women and grow your business connections. By joining as a member, you will be added to our Facebook group and watsapp groups which consists of more than 25000 users. Additionally, you receive a variety of other membership benefits for your business as listed below.

No matter what you select, you will see a positive return on your investment within a short span of time.

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Rs 500 pm

Want to learn about us? Get 30 day access to our groups with this package


Rs 2500 pa

This package is useful if you are new to your business and are looking for local support.


Rs 5000 pa

This package is useful if you want to grow your business at local and national levels.


Rs 1500 pa

This package is useful if you need support to get your business online.

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Starter Enterprising Elite Online
Access to our members only groups on FB and Watsapp

Our exclusive forums help you form new alliances and bond with fellow women entrepreneurs enabling you to discuss business issues and develop action plans to conduct your business better.

Attend our monthly meets for inspiration and support

Get the opportunity to meet fellow chapter members every month at our meets. Share knowledge, business leads and also engage in fun learning activities that put your business skills to test. This service is only available only in cities where we have a chapter operational

Scale your business beyond your own city

We conduct cross-chapter conference calls every quarter wherein our members get an opportunity to make business requests and offer favors to members in other chapters.

Broadcast your messages to all members easily

You get access to our web-based online messaging and broadcasting tool. Share business tips, queries, information with all the members instantly.

Starter Enterprising Elite Online
Workshops & trainings

Get special discounts on workshops/trainings.

Partner products & services

Get member discounts & offers on products & services from our partners.

Member products & services

Get unbelievable discounts & offers on products & services from our members.


Get exclusive discounts on stall bookings at MompreneursIndia exhibitions & our event partners.

Starter Enterprising Elite Online
Get an attractive personal profile and business portfolio listing

Not sure how to write an attractive profile and portfolio? Don't worry !!! We will provide the content for your profile and one business portfolio. We will also setup the listing in our directory. The images will be provided by you. Click to view a member profile.

Get advanced listing features

Do you operate more than one business? List multiple businesses and also get enquiries directly through your listing. Your listing also gets a better placement compared to non-members which makes it more discoverable.

Display your business credibility

Send your personalized url to your customers and collect any number of reviews/testimonials for your business right within your listing. Anyone who visits your profile will be able to view the reviews and gain trust in your business.

Starter Enterprising Elite Online
Get promoted by us

We feature your business on our Home page and also share your profile on facebook, twitter and watsapp.

Get recommended by us

Your business gets listed under We Recommend segment of our directory. All businesses in this segment get special promotion on facebook, twitter and watsapp.

Draw publicity to your business

We publish your inspirational stories, success stories and interviews on our website. Your stories are also featured in our newsletters and promoted on facebook and twitter

Ads in our newsLetter

Publish your workshop/training/event ads and product/service ads in our monthly newsletter.

Sponsored webinars

Ever felt the need to give an online product/service demo/presentation? Avail our webinar services for FREE. We will promote and host your webinar and also broadcast it to our audience on facebook.

Grab the spot-light at our events

Get an opportunity to speak at our events meets and tell people all about you and your business.

Targetted e-blasts

Share your events, workshops, trainings, product/service reviews with our users through targetted emails.

Sponsored goody bags

Goody bags let you to share your product samples and marketing materials with other women. It’s a unique way for you to get your businesses out there in avenues that you wouldn’t have ordinarily have had access to.

Starter Enterprising Elite Online
Get started on facebook

Need help getting your business online? We will create a facebook account and business page for you.

Get an attractive cover page

We will also provide an attractive cover page for your facebook business page.

Setup your online store

We will setup your facebook store and payment gateway so that you can start selling your products through facebook.

Number of image uploads per week

Offload your data upload work to us. We will refresh your facebook store every week with product images, descriptions and other details provided by you.

upto 10 upto 30 upto 10
Number of posts per week

Offload your facebook marketing work to us. We will create engaging posts for you and help you get more followers. Graphics and videos for posts will be provided by you.

1 2 1
Account monitoring

No time to reply back to our followers? We will email comments and messages on your page to you and reply back to your users on your behalf every week.

Run a campaign

Campaigns are a powerful tool to create brand awareness. We will run a 1 day sponsored social media campaign on our facebook page and on The India Womens Club for you.

Find out how your page is performing

Get statistical insight about how your page is performing through over email every month.

Starter Enterprising Elite Online
Free blog

Looking for great content for your blogs? Get a content rich 500 word blog written by us for free Click here to view the quality of our content.

Free marketing email

Need help in writing crisp, precise and effective emails for your business? Get a professional 500 word marketing email written by us.

Refine your reviews

Reviews containing bad grammar or incorrect syntax or poorly constructed sentences affect your own credibility rather than strengthening it. We encourage our members to get your reviews and testimonials proof-read, edited and refined by us before you publish them online.

Starter Enterprising Elite Online
Participate In Our Online Initiatives

We run various online initiatives for our members on facebook and twitter. Participating in these initiatives actively will help you get more followers to your fan pages.

Join As A Consultant on The Indian Womens Club

The Indian Womens Club is our facebook group having more that 20000 members. Grab the opportunity to build traction for yourself by conducting activities on our group such as FREE consultations, DIY activities, share tips etc.

Access to a large women's community

Get access to our communities of more than 25,000 followers comprising of women to whom you can market your products and services.

Starter Enterprising Elite Online
Discount on Referral Circle

Members can join our Referral Circle at a discount. Referral circle is our word-of-mouth marketing service. The circle members members function as sales partners for each other. Members witness significant growth in their leads once they join our referral circle.

Discount on Social Buying Circle

Members can join our Buying Circle at a discount. Social Buying Circle is established on the fundamental that if we don't support each other, no one else will.Every year circle members commit to buy products/services upto a certain value from each other. This is also a great way for members to collect feedback from fellow members.

Festival Shopping Guide

MompreneursIndia festival shopping guide will be published before Diwali. This is the period when everyone is shopping for gifts and our guide will make the shopping experience easy for them.Members can place 1 ad in our guide for FREE. Every ad in the guide will also be promoted on facebook and twitter.

Half Full Quarter
Starter Enterprising Elite Online
Dedicated Personal Assistance

Get a dedicated team to create content for your business and to promote it.

Starter Enterprising Elite Online
Overcome worries and fears that interfere with your daily life

Get FREE 1 hour counseling (face to face, telephonic, video) with our counselor and obtain an action plan to reconcile issues or cope with them.

Starter Enterprising Elite Online
Speak At Our Koffee Konnect Meet

Koffee Konnects are an opportunity to talk about your business to an exclusive bunch of entrepreneurs and their contacts. MompreneursIndia will help you host the event and will carry out all promotional activities prior to the event.

Speak At Our Lunch & Learn Meet

We will organize a lunch meet for you where you get an opportunity to meet other women in the society and to speak about your subject, share tips, share your business stories and swap business cards.

Shop/Store/Industry visits

Physical visits to store/shops helps you advertise your products/services and also get leads/referrals. MompreneursIndia will organize a visit to your store and invite entrepreneurs and members to the event.

 Starter and Online packages are available Pan India  Elite and Enterprising packages are available in our chapters

MompreneursIndia chapters are available in the following cities

Mumbai  Ahmedabad Pune

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Chetana Misra

Founder & Visionary

What our members are saying...

MompreneursIndia is a great platform for all entrepreneur mums...I would urge all the members to actively participate in as many MPI initiatives as they can to make the most of the opportunities they get

Supriya Vijay Founder, Gehena

MompreneursIndia is one of the best things that has happend to me this year. It gave ReviseDiet lot of opportunities, networking and learnings. Chetana has been a steel strong strength and a great mentor.

Atraeyee Niharchandra Founder,ReviseDiet