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A startups biggest challenge is finding contacts who bring in regular business. Investing in a right networking platform makes all the difference. MompreneursIndia works as the stepping stone for your venture. MompreneursIndia gets you connected with potential clients, propective partners, suppliers, funders, mentors and other allies that you need for your business.

Networking is as vital as the initial investments you make in setting up your business and warrants just as much attention as your business calling cards!!

Make Unlimited Connections

MompreneursIndia currently has a growing database of more than 10000 members spanning different industries. Join us for quickest expansion of your business. We will get you connected with 1000’s of members from all around India.

Master Mind Sessions

You get access to our panel of coaches & consultants from finance, marketing, social media and other experts who will answer your queries and guide you.

Business Meets

We offer you the opportunity to connect with members during our periodic business meets.Peer networking allows you to learn from fellow entrepreneurs who have been through similar situations as yourself.

Community Connect

Pariticipate in various offline events which connect you directly with the local community where you can diseminate information about your business and make sales.

Reid Hoffman, Former CEO LinkedIn -

“What you get when you tap into other people’s brains is called network intelligence…What will get you somewhere is being able to access the information you need, when you need it… You get it by talking to people in your network.”