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The 2nd MompreneursIndia Pune Networking Meet

A successful Networking Meet in Pune

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01/06/2017 07:33:41 Story MompreneursIndia

The second MompreneursIndia Networking Meet at Pune was encouraging and brings promise. With 17 attendees and an interesting session on “Image Building”, the event was a success.

Deepti Dange, Director and founder of Persona-Stars (Image Consulting) had the attendees in rapt attention as she spoke about how the image that an individual projects can affect the individual’s life. She explained that ‘Image Consulting” was not just about being magazine-like glamorous, but more about understanding the basics of grooming.

Mothers, more than anyone else, tend to not prioritize themselves. They invariably postpone matters related to them as much as possible. Sooner or later there is bound to be a burn out and that is when matters get out of hand. Deepti, advised women to first take care of themselves before they help their children and families. This interactive session helped women take perspective of their own lives and we hope they are able to put the suggestions and advice to better use in their personal lives henceforth.

Shruti Dandekar, took on the mantel of event management and meticulously took down notes. An interesting and innovative action done by Shruti was to send out a snapshot of her notes on the attendees’ introduction via whatsapp to all present. This will help the attendees recall and remember every individual they met at the meet long after the meet dispersed.

Pune MompreneursIndia Ambassador Bhakti Mittal, concluded the meet by speaking about MomprenersIndia, our ethos, vision, mission, services offered, packages and the difference the network has made to the lives of our members. To view pictures of the event click here .

MompreneursIndia strives to bring together women entrepreneurs from all walks of life and empower them with the knowledge of business, communication, marketing, presentation and much more. Our aim is to empower women entrepreneurs and help them make successes of their businesses. The women entrepreneurs’ community will grow only with support and encouragement from fellow women entrepreneurs. MompreneursIndia is looking for such talented, ambitious, proactive women entrepreneurs to join our every growing network. In the words of Hillary Clinton, “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world”. So what’s stopping you... join us today. Click HERE.

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