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The 'CAN DO' Attitude

An inspiring story of a Successful Mompreneur.

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"I am Kiran Mrudula, a mother to two beautiful kids Kian and Kiara. I am also the Director - Partner Growth, Valuepitch E Technologies Pvt Ltd. I say also, because even though I am a successful Entrepreneur, I am a Mother first!

The Past

I had been excelling in Insurance Marketing when I decided to be a mother. As with any woman on the threshold of becoming a mother, I quit my job to dedicate all my walking hours to my children. I invested a good four years in their upbringing before deciding to come back to the Corporate world.

The intenal battle

I was driven and highly motivated to make a comeback.  My ex-colleagues extended support and gave me an open door policy to join them back as Branch Manager of sorts. However, my husband was not very sure. He was worried about the work pressure of an Insurance Marketing job. Also considering that I was a workaholic , he was worried that my weekends, holidays, and timings will all go for a toss. I can’t really blame him for that. However I had no intention of sitting idle, but I could not figure out what.

The challange

While looking at options and opportunities, I stumbled on a piece of business my husband was struggling with and wanted to shut down. I jumped at the opportunity and asked to run the business. If I succeeded, it would help me keep occupied and would be a good turnaround story; if I failed, the business was going to shut anyway. I also figured that my husband would not mind since I would not have crazy work hours or weekend works.

Surprisingly, my husband was reluctant to even this idea as he thought a sinking business would demoralize me. I stood my ground and convinced him that trying the business out could get me back on track. He finally agreed and I started Kiara Global Services - a lead generation business for educational institutes.

It was tough in the starting. Sometimes I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew. IT was akin to a huge circus. I had lost touch and could not even talk properly in English. I made mistakes while talking and writing proposals. It was difficult even understanding the basics. It was so depressing that I thought of quitting at the end of every client call. At the end of each day, everyday I would confide in my husband and confess that I was not suited for the job. My husband would however just smile and ask me to keep trying.

It was challenging not just for me but my colleagues as well. Many a time I would leave them inbetween a meeting to attend to my children. Thankfully my team consisted of women who had children themselves and they understood my plight. Clients were more difficult to explain to. They never understood why and how I could take calls with my children around. However I had no choice. My children took time to get used to anyone other than me and would refuse to move out of the room when I got calls. Many clients would get irritated and I learnt to pacify them and keep them hooked with offers of discounts and benefits.

The Balance

Juggling between work, kids, and household was tough. Some factors helped - our house and office are in the same building, a good maid to care for kids, work is not round the clock, it needed good management, but not intense hand holding.

The “Keep at It” seemed to pay off in the third month. I was able to manage calls better, negotiate better and improve performance of the entity. The secret was the company had the name of my kid and I could not let it go down!!

With four months of my involvement, the business turned profitable, and is now more or less on auto pilot! My husband was very happy to see his business picking up with the added bonus that I was productively occupied and our weekends were not disturbed

I still do that and I have a full time job as well working as Director of Partnerships where I take revenue responsibility of a technology firm.

The inspiration

My kids are what keep me focused, as I look at them and say ‘You give me the strength to perform’. May be I just got lucky, but I believe getting to do something you love and still have a great family life has got to do with more than luck – it is a moms resolve that 'I CAN DO'."

As told to MompreneursIndia Editor, Vandana Joshil in a conversation about what sets mompreneurs apart from regular entrepreneurs. The answer - determination, Can Do attitude and absolute faith in ones capabilities. 

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