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Sheetal K. Majithia

When Doodling Met Art

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Inspirational Stories Of Women Entrepreneurs From India

Read the stories of female entrepreneurs and get inspired and empowered to succeed in your own business. We’ve published stories of several women on our network, those who quit their jobs to start a business, to women who were made redundant and so started a business.

These women come from all around the country!But despite all of their differences, these women do have a few things in common – they are all passionate, determined and committed to turning their ideas into a reality and building successful businesses.

We hope their stories inspire you and leave you feeling fired up, ready to achieve incredible things!

Carrying forward the family legacy

21/06/2017 11:49:30 Vandana Joshil Story Handmade & Customized

MompreneursIndia in conversation with Sonal Shah, ...

Quilting a kaleidoscope

19/05/2017 05:57:04 Vandana Joshil Story MompreneursIndia

A creative tour de force with magic in her fingers...

Bella Shah

04/04/2017 08:03:48 Chetana Bangera Story MompreneursIndia 3 Comments

BelleZoe - A popular sweet-making company

Sheetal K. Majithia

04/04/2017 06:02:47 Aparna Suresh Story MompreneursIndia

When Doodling Met Art

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