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Sheetal Kaushik Majithia

I am Sheetal K. Majithia. With a diverse upbringing where I was born in Mumbai, spent my early childhood in Kabul, Afghanistan, studied in Singapore, completed my graduation with B.A in Psychology from the USA and now married and settled, living in a joint family in Ahmedabad, I believe I have seen the best of the world. I am blessed with two loving children, a supportive husband and family.

I started my so-called 'practice' by doodling what I envisioned into various scraps of paper and note books, soon realizing that by manipulating the usage of a pen, various lines could illustrate visually what I intended to express. However it was still restricted to doodling on scraps of paper. It was my loving late father-in-law who saw the spark of talent in me and asked me to doodle twelve Ganeshjis on paper. Before I knew it, he had got them printed on calendars that he gifted out to business associates, friends and relatives proudly showing off my talent. With his encouragement and the support of my family I started converting my doodles onto books, book covers and soon realised that the world is my oyster.

With passion and love 'KALAM' was coined, and my journey continues into a broader horizon. A horizon filled with purpose and meaning. From Art on Paper we have now evolved to various daily use lifestyle products. Each product is made imaginatively to mould the subtle contours of an individual’s lifestyle.

‘KALAM’, the heart guides the hand to explore the richness of one’s soul.

Kalam by Sheetal Majithia

Style & Substance Redefined - Whether it’s Everyday use or a Special Occasions!!

KALAM features styles to suit every Unforgettable moment. By Combining Modernity with Functionality, hand drawn paisley art is printed on various lifestyle products.

Kalam offers AFFORDABLE & SOPHISTICATED designs on countless products:

Mugs, Cups & Saucers, Coasters to quirk up your homes/offices

Trays, Napkin Holders, Clocks, Lamps to impress your guests

Scarves, Ties & Laptop/Phone covers to flaunt your style!