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Trapti Gandhi

"A Mind at Peace is stronger than any physical force in the universe" as rightly mentioned by-WAYNE DYER. This is my credo for a balanced life.
Psychology is such a wonderful subject which has brought a change in my life as well as others whom i came across, for always better.It gives me immense pleasure and confidence to bring positive changes in lives.
My Family of Loving and caring husband and two lovely daughters are my backbone in this journey.
Good/bad or happy/sad or achievement/failure etc are all complimentary to each other. Life becomes meaningless if we start giving importance to one and forget about the importance and existence of other.

Depression, anxiety, parenting, teenage issues, phobias, stress, anger etc are all the words which sound so scary in today's scenario. Working with such issues through workshops and direct counselling are giving such wonderful results that i would never want to stop and pray that i keep continuing this effort till tomorrow which never should end !